Premier Systems Integration, LLC has been offering custom control systems to our customers since 2005.

My first control systems were built for a Cotton Gin (Cotton processing plant) in Southeast Missouri where I was working at the time.
This project included cascading PID loops for multiple stages of drying (burner control), as well as PID control of motor speeds.
The plants output was increased and the equipment operated much smoother than it had ever run with the factory control system.
My employer was very happy with the results, and continues to use us for new projects.

My next endeavor was building a 10 Lane, High-speed, Small-Item Sortation system for online order fulfillment.
The first system was designed for a quickly growing business that was intended to handle up 600 orders-per-day.
This system was PLC based and housed a full database for 3000 SKUs. It included both Laser and Image based barcode scanners with a maximum conveyor speed of 130 FPM.
This system was eventually supplemented with 4 Windows servers and and a total of 3 Do-more™ PLC's and handled everything from interacting with a website API to download orders, as well as producing receipts, printing shipping labels, and handling tracking numbers for over 2000 orders-per-day at maximum capacity.

In 2016 we began development of a new Sortation system to replace the 10 lane system that was being outgrown.
The new system was brought online in early 2018.
It is a PC-based, Database-driven, 20 Lane High-speed sortation system.
It uses:
-Hytrol belt conveyors
-Beckhoff EtherCAT™ Remote IO
-A Do-more™ PLC
-Datalogic Matrix™ barcode scanners
-Custom PHD pneumatic slides
-A Windows Server with our custom Control system using INTime RTOS from Tenasys™, a "soft" Motion controller from RSI (Robotics System Integration), and our proprietary C# Software.
-20 Windows HMIs that are all running our custom web-based GUI.
This system is currently filling over 5000 order-per-day (around 60,000 individual items being sorted daily), and is still being optimized to achieve higher speeds.

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